Northern Pike

Northern Pike

These voracious eaters are famous for their large number of VERY sharp teeth, and the tenacity with which they feed on bait fish, mice, and even the occasional duck. A very exciting fish to catch on a fly rod or with conventional gear, these prehistoric looking creatures will definitely provide a thrill.

We will search for these fish in the sloughs and backwater north of Nome.

Our Northern Pike range from 20-35 inches and 5-15 pounds, however 40+ inch and 20+ pound Pike are not uncommon. Fly-fishermen will need an 8-9 weight rod with a steel leader or 40lb monofilament for a leader section.

Pike will eat Bunny and Flash flies, the Gray Ghost, and Woolly Buggers. They also respond very well to large saltwater flies such as Pacific Herring, Tarpon Flies, the Seaducer, and large surface flies that imitate small mammals. Conventional fishermen will need a reel with 12-25lb test and steel leaders.

Pike love the Five-O-Diamonds and Daredevil spoons, as well as any other large, flashy spinners, plugs, or baitfish imitations.