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    This is a trip of a lifetime and a great deal of your hard earned money is being put down to reserve your spot. As illness, injury or other unforeseen events are unpredictable, we highly recommend travel insurance to protect your investment.  Purchase our plan or consider 3rd party options such as Our coverage costs $500 and allows trip cancellation at ANYTIME for ANY REASON, no questions asked, prior to start of the trip with written notice.  You will receive a full refund, minus a $500 administration fee.  It's that simple!



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    Intermediate: At resorts I typically ski blue and some black runs with ease and rarely fall, but I mostly stick to the prepared slopes.Advanced: I ski mostly black and double black runs, enjoy powder and off piste slopes. I have some backcountry experience (or desire to learn), but typically avoid no-fall zones and very technical terrain.Expert: I’m comfortable skiing in every snow condition, and look for the steepest, deepest, and most technical terrain on and off piste to keep my adrenaline level up where it needs to be.Pro: I ski and ride all terrain imaginable and unimaginable, often with a camera and a copter in trail.
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    Required equipment for all trips includes normal ski gear, helmet, beacon, shovel, probe, and an avalanche safety backpack. For the backcountry trip additionally you will need skis equipped with touring bindings or a splitboard, as well as skins. Do you need advice for acquiring this gear? Please ask in the “Additional Comments” section below.
    Do we need to provide any equipment for you? (free of charge)

    Mammut avalanche airbag backpackMammut avalanche canisterMammut avalanche transceiverShovelProbe

    Additional Comments


    • I understand that venturing into the backcountry with Twin Peaks Adventures carries a certain amount of risk, including, but not limited to:
      -snowmobiling and inherent risk therein
      -helicopter flying
      -wildlife in the area including grizzly bear, moose, musk oxen, and others
      -skiing/riding the backcountry and inherent risks therein
      -arctic weather conditions, including frostbite and sunburn

    • I understand that these risks will be briefed at the start of the trip, and Twin Peaks Adventures guides will have the final say as to travel plans, weather, and safety.

    • I understand that this is a very remote arctic environment, and rescue can take a long time to reach us, and further time to reach a full facility hospital.

    • I understand that travelling in the mountains is dangerous and I am responsible for skiing under control and following guides instructions. Safety is a team effort, and I will speak up if I see a concern.

    • I understand that I will be required to sign a full release of liability upon arrival in Nome.

    • I understand the payment and refund policy, and Twin Peaks Adventures guarantee.

    • I understand that guides and pilots will be making every effort to get the best runs in that we can, but that weather and snow conditions, among other factors, will dictate our travel plans.

    • I understand that safety will not be compromised. My big run or couloir will come second to safety. Flexibility and a “go with the flow” attitude will make the trip go smoothly and be more enjoyable for all involved. For example, we may not ski steep terrain on a bluebird, fresh powder day, if the conditions are not safe.

    • I understand that photos and video of me taken during the trip may be used in marketing and on the Twin Peaks Adventures website.

    Please note that an email reply will come from [email protected], and might end up in your junk mail folder.  Thank you for contacting Twin Peaks Adventures.